virtual reality training systems for trades and industrial education

    Students immerse themselves in a simulated, three dimensional environment allowing them to practice proper techniques for abrasive blasting without the cost of traditional training. Practice can be done in a safe classroom environment eliminating the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and minimizing the risk of injury to students. The Abrasive Blasting module uses virtual reality to augment training by fusing kinesthetic movement with context dependent learning in a dynamic environment. This tailors the student’s individual learning experience keeping them engaged while confirming that they accumulate the knowledge and skills required to demonstrate a basic competency in their trade.

    Similar to the paint processes found in SimSpray Industrial, students choose from a variety of large industrial parts including Ibeams, a bridge section, and the American Standard of Testing and Measurement (ASTM) panel. Each part has three projects with varying degrees of difficulty based on what blasting media used. Sodium bicarbonate blasts away surface materials without causing harm to the substrate, making for easy, clean blasting; garnet, for medium difficulty cuts harder and faster; steel grit is ideal for aggressive blasting , but it is a harsher type of media that can cause damage to the part, making it more difficult to use. Abrasive Blasting includes all of the training support provided for painting – visual cues provide real-time feedback for users and objective feedback is given at the end of each project. Grading is based on the amount of contaminants left on the part and any damage that has been done to the part’s structure. Instructors can track student progress via student reports.

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